Tips for Interview Preparation

Now that you have sent your resume/cv out and you have been call to attend an interview, then comes preparation for the interview. Below are some tips for preparing for the interview.

Tips for Writing a Resume

If you ever plan on getting a job or starting a career of some kind, you will have to have a resume. Not just a piece of paper that gives the employer some information about yourself, but rather something that will set you apart from the others applying for the same position. One would like to think that there is one way to write a resume, and that if you follow that exact formula, you’re set. But this is not the case.

Why Choose Weekend – ITTraining

WeekendITTraining is part of Alpha Consulting Holdings Limited that focus on providing evening and weekend training for those that want to launch their career in IT and for those that want to advance their career as well as acquire new skills.
Below are some of the reasons that makes us the best choice for your training needs:

Starting Your Career In Information Tech

Now that you have decided to get your career started in Information Technology (IT) or accelerate your current one, Getting started in IT is tough. I’d like to share some tips with you on how to get started on what can be a financially rewarding and personally satisfying career in Information Technology.